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Our Story

Our story has very humble beginnings, with the owner, Karin de Bruin, taking that huge leap of faith from full employment to full entrepreneur!

Yes, there were a lot of challenges in the beginning and so much to learn.  But one thing we know for sure, is that when you have a passion for something, you have the skills, the time and the drive to make it happen, wonderful things do happen! We are a true testament of the little guy making it in the big ocean.
One thing we decided right from the beginning, is that we actually do want to make a difference.  Not only for our customers, but for our community as well.  Now I know so many businesses might say that just to say it.  But our heart for the small business owner has really grown so much over time.

We have a sister company (same owner), called the Hermanus Self-Improvement Centre, that presents short training courses done locally in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, South Africa.  This business has been running for close to 16 years and that is where our partnership with the small business owner started.  We know that you cannot always send staff on weeks of training, but they do need help.  Their courses are usually no more than two days.

Understanding how the mind, setup and operations of the small business owner (and especially businesses in the tourism industry) works, we have started Whale Coast Digital for the purpose of assisting these businesses to take their shop, restaurant or guesthouse online.  Most of us are so busy with running our business, that social media marketing is on the back burner.  Our systems are setup to automate your online experience, and actually give you more time to work your business.  

We feel previleged to be in this position to assist, especially in these new times we are entering now.  You are very welcome!


Karin de Bruin
Managing Director
Whale Coast Digital

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Using our skills, knowledge and passion to make a difference for the small business owner and our community.

Our Vision

Assisting the small business owner to take their business online.

Our Values

We believe in just doing it right, the first time, and to add value to your business, even more that you expected.